Monday, November 4, 2013

What Alice Forgot, by Liane Moriarty - Book Review

BookWhat Alice Forgot
AuthorLiane Moriarty
Genre: Fiction 
Publisher/Publish DatePanMacmillan Australia / January 2009
Source: Local Library
Pages: 487
Rating: 4/5
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At twenty-nine, Alice is married to a wonderful husband, looking forward to the birth of her first child.

But after falling and hitting her head during a spin class she wakes up to learn it's ten years in the future and she's lost ten years of memories. Now with three kids, a sister that seems really distance, and a mom that's been remarried, Alice has a lot to learn about her life at 39.

What Alice Forgot is a fun novel, with a lot of heart. We get to experience the funny parts of losing her memory, along with the heartbreak. As Alice reconstructs the past decade, she discovers some dark sides to herself, and has to decide if she wants to take the risk to change the bad decisions.

I'd compare this book to Bridget Jones Diary, with a little less absurdity and a little more reality thrown in.

With books like these I think about how I would feel in her shoes? How different would my life look? How crazy would it be to wake up and have a 9 year old calling you mom, and you have no memory of having a child? 

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