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A Dangerous Fiction by Barbara Rogan - Book Review

BookA Dangerous Fiction: A Mystery
AuthorBarbara Rogan
Genre: Mystery 
Publisher/Publish DateViking Adult / July 25, 2013
SourceARC courtesy of publisher
Pages: 336
Rating: 4.5/5
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I received a free copy of this book from the publisher, but it in no way effects my review of the book.

So good! But an understated good, if that makes sense. I read quite a few ARC's, so it's always great when I get to read one I enjoy so much. And this one was published in July, so if you like a good mystery novel, go buy this or get it from your library.

The tone of the novel harkens back to classic crime novels, i.e.: "It was a dark and storm night," from Paul Clifford. Literary Agent Jo Donovan has lead a tough life, but she's a fighter and has come out on top. She runs on of the best literary agencies, although widowed, had a wonderful relationship with a renowned author, and has some great close friends.

But an ambitious writer threatens to ruin it all, when he starts stalking her and attacking those around her. At the same time, and ambitious author working on a biography of her late husband, starts digging around, causing Jo to question if her memory is as accurate as she thinks.

And of course there needs to be a little romance, as an old fame who is now a NYPD detective takes her case, and tries to help her track down who her stalker is.

As I said above, I really enjoyed it and it was hard to put down (which is my favorite type of book). The plot is neat, and ties up loose ends, which I appreciate. And the characters are complex and true to life.

The author's page on GoodReads mentions this is the "first in a new mystery series set in the high-stakes world of big publishing," so I'm excited to hear there may be more. I could see this becoming a really great movie. A triller with heart.

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