Monday, March 4, 2013

Red Carpet Burns - Book Review

Book: Red Carpet Burns
Author: Georgia Cassimatis
Genre: Memoir
Publisher/Publish Date: Harlequin Enterprises Australia / February 1, 2013
Source: ARC ebook review copy from Publisher
Pages: 289
Rating: 2/5 (but fun!)
Other books from author: While she has written for Australian Cosmopolitan, US Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire & Harper's Bazaar, this is her first book.
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What if "The One"...Isn't? 
After meeting the gorgeous and charismatic Simon, Georgia Cassimatis swaps her fabulous life in Sydney for Los Angeles, risking it all for a chance at love. Georgia soon finds out, however, that Simon is not the man he seemed to be, and she has left her entire world behind for a loveless marriage with a man who is intent on making her miserable. 
LA is a tough town — especially for a girl with no friends, no money and no job — but Georgia finds her way through the liars, fakes and cheats to become a successful celebrity journalist and soon realises she’s fallen in love again — this time with her new home town…LA.
Description from Publisher's site
A story of love gained, and lost, and psychics and celebrities. This memoirist bravely opens her heart to share with us the ups and downs of her time in LA.

Reading this book felt a lot like reading US Weekly. Some juicy gossip, short chapters, not much depth, but... a lot of fun. One thing is author was successful at, which lots of authors aren't, is being likable. Especially important in memoirs. Even though she was talking about her adventures in dating in LA, and trip and great dinners, she still came across as down to earth and with a good head on her shoulders. This was like reading a friend's journal.

Pick this up on the way to the beach.

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