Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Off Balance: A Memoir - Book Review

Book: Off Balance: A Memoir
Author: Dominique Moceanu (with Paul & Teri Williams)
Genre: Memoir
Publisher/Publish Date: Touchstone / June 2012
Source: SF Public Library
Pages: 256
Rating: 2/5
Other books from author: She's written a series of children's novels that revolve around gymnastics
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This was a book I added to my library request list around the time of the London Olympics. I wasn't sure what to expect and was actually pleasantly surprised. It was nice having a shorter book I could finish in 2 days.

Dominique Moceanu shot to fame at a 14 years old as the youngest gymnast on the US Olympic team, and brought home a gold medal. Behind the smile was a young girl who had tough coaches, parents who pushed her hard, but even then, she loved the sport. The following years lead to emancipation from her family, experimenting with drugs, and the discover of a sister who was put up for adoption.

I appreciated that the book didn't wind up becoming a pity party for her, but she writes of her ups and downs in a straight forward way, focusing on the positive. She still loves gymnastics, coaches and writes children's books about gymnasts.

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