Wednesday, April 17, 2013

other things I love: Quilting

While I do really, really love reading, I also love some other things. Ever few weeks I plan to share with you the other things that pull at my heart strings. The long process from the initial idea or a quilt to the last stitch of the binding appeals to me. Once I get going on a part of it, for example piecing the top together, I love that I have a project that can keep my focus for hours, providing the right backdrop to lose myself in many, many episodes of West Wing.
My foray into quilting came originally from this blog post on Posie Gets Cozy. The traditional quilt with squares scares me, since I figure I can never get all the squares to line up (might be silly but it's a real fear I tell ya.) This style of quilting, English Paper Piecing, using hexagons looked more my cup of tea.
Growing up I sewed pillowcases, scrunches, and curtains, but sewing by hand was new to me. I taught myself how to paper piece quilts by reading a few blog posts and while I've never checked my work with anyone else, I figure I'm going ok since the quilts haven't fallen apart.

I have finish two small quilts, one each for my niece and nephew (the top two photos) and used up some scraps of fabric I had to make the pink, blue, green and brown one above (still waiting for batting, backing, and quilting.)
Currently I am working on a twin size triangle quilt for myself, with much larger pieces than the hexagons (photos above and below). It took some time to decide on the design and fabric, in the end it should look like rows of hanging banners, similar to this quilt. I have so many ideas for color and shape combinations I would love to try, just wish I had unlimited time and resources to make it happen. 

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